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This is a photo of my wife (as of 2/14/00) Ilene, and myself. As you can see, we are getting ready to go to a Renaissance Faire.

 This is a picture of my bird, Jasper. Jasper is a Dusky Conure (a type of parakeet) and he loves to sit inside my shirt with just his head poking out.

This is Comsai, who is actually Jasper's pet. Comsai is afraid of me, but will sit on my shoulder if Jasper is there too. He is very dumb.

Ilene had her own contributions to make to our home menagerie:

This is Matt. He likes to talk and stalk the birds. He stares at them and licks his lips. He is a very finicky eater.
  This is Dillon. Jasper tries to bite him and Dillon jumps. He is a big wuss.
  This is another picure of Matt (Duh!) He is a typical cat.

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